12 Minute Bodyweight Home Workout to Increase Fat Burning

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Just got another question from another email subscriber.

“Hi Darren.

I have to say I’m pretty proud if myself for not diving into the Easter chocolate. Nothing too big happened this year as most people in my family were sick. My big problem areas around the holidays are the breakfasts. Croissants, bacon, eggs, maple syrup yadda yadda. I did well with that too.

Since the new year, I broke a promise to myself. I told myself I would never reach 200 pounds, and yet I have and even surpassed it since 2013 came around. Now in finding myself not eating, like ever. Not on purpose, but mostly Ecuador nothing seems appetizing. And when I have a craving for sweets, I admit, I eat straight up jam. And if its salt I crave, it’s peanut butter I turn to.

I’m afraid to get on the scale.

And I’ve stopped going to the gym. Being the mother of a toddler and a full time student, I found that I was getting more work and less gym time. Now the gym is getting cut completely, simply because I can’t afford it.

I’m trying the clean eating. I especially like to munch while studying, so yesterday I had carrot sticks! (Yay me!)

What else can I do?

The nicer weather is upon us so more walks are in the future, and more fruits and veggies and BBQ!

I’ve ways struggled with breakfast. What are good breakfast options??


Many people fall into the trap or excuse that they can’t get to the gym and/or don’t have the money for a membership or equipment.

It’s no longer an excuse since bodyweight exercises are so popular these days.

I always use to think that I could never get any good results without the gym.

My transformation was done 100% at home with bodyweight, dumbbells, bench press, pull-up bar and an exercise ball.

There are so many bodyweight exercises that you can do at home for burning fat and building muscle as well.


I haven’t had time to get to the gym this week since I’m home with my 3 kids all day and then playing recreational hockey in the evenings. It’s a nice cardio workout but I like to get some resistance training in as well.

So far my team is 2-0. It’s amazing how the teams attitude can change since losing our last regular season game on Sunday 9-0.

3 more games to play this week to see if we qualify for the championship game or consolation game on Saturday.


Anyways.. Back to the bodyweight workouts.

Today I’m doing a bodyweight workout from Craig Ballantyne (creator of Turbulence Training and his new program Home Workout Revolution).

Home workout revolution is all bodyweight workouts with pdf files explaining the workouts as well as videos demonstrating them.

This is workout C from the Buff Dudes Hot Chicks program that I used for my transformation.

Here is how the workout goes.

12 Minute Bodyweight Home Workout to Increase Fat Burning

Circuit 1

  • 20 seconds of bodyweight squats
  • hold for 10 seconds

do that 8 times for 4 minutes total.

Circuit 2

  • 20 seconds of push-ups
  • rest for 10 seconds

4 rounds of that. total 2 minutes

Circuit 3

  • 20 seconds plank
  • 10 seconds side plank

8 rounds of this. Each side will get done 4 times while regular are done 8 times.

4 minutes total.

Circuit 4

  • 20 seconds of alternating touchdown forward lunges
  • 10 seconds of T Push-ups

4 rounds of that for total 2 minutes.


Watch it below.


This video is by Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution


If you are just starting out add in extra rests in-between and cut the amount of time for each exercise if it’s too much for you.

As for the breakfast options.

I like to switch it up regularly. You can try

  • omelette, eggs, hard boiled eggs.
  • A bowl of fruit. Usually happens to be whatever is the best deal that week.
  • Vegetables, great for adding in omelettes.
  • Almonds, walnuts, pecans.
  • Yogurt, cheese.

Time to go do my workout while the kids are still napping.



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