Do you Procrastinate? 3 Tips to Solve Procrastination

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Hope you had a great weekend. This weekend I was at the Beachbody Super Saturday event in Toronto ON. They have these every 3 months to keep coaches up to date for things that are happening with Beachbody.

What I’m most excited about is the newest workout coming out in December. It’s P90X3. 30 minute workouts.. That’s the best part. The thing I don’t like about the previous 2 P90X’s has been corrected. Now an intense workout for only 30 minutes..


The traveling time to get there and back was just as long as the event but it was still worth it. Even though I hate driving. I’ve turned my car into a drive time university/college. What is that you ask?

I don’t listen to music or the radio in the car anymore. I listen to books and learn personal development. I don’t get to take notes but most times I’m not only listening to the book just once. In most cases I’ll read the book as well.

Like Tony Robbins says:

“Repetition is the mother of skill”.

I was listening to “Eat that Frog”. It’s a book about procrastination. Something almost everyone does.

I’ve heard it all the time. I’ll do it later, tomorrow, next week, next month….. Things just keep getting pushed back until we start saying… I should have done this yesterday, last week, last month, last year. It would have been so much easier then.

3 Tips to Solve Procrastination

Here are a couple tips that you can apply right now.

  1. Decide what you want. Write down your goals and objectives before you start. If you don’t have a goal then what is your reason for doing it? If you have already hit your target bodyweight then your goal could be to complete X number of workouts for the week. Eat X number of fruit servings per day or X number of calories per day.
  2. Plan your day in advance. I’m guilty of doing this one too. You wake up in the morning and have no idea what you need to do for the day. Plan out activities that you can do to bring you closer to your goals. I have my workouts planned out in advance. I know when I’m going to drink my Shakeology. Plan out your meals so you know ahead of time what you are eating and don’t get stuck eating out at a fast food. If you know you will be out or need a meal for at work then plan ahead.
  3. Know what your most important activities are. Focus on the things you need to do to help you reach your goals first. I like to do my workout first thing in the morning that way it is out of the way and I know that I am moving in a positive direction toward my goal. I hear so many people say they have a hard time sticking with their workouts but they have them planned for the end of the day. I know that after an 9 hr workday followed by playing with the kids for a couple hours before they go to bed I don’t feel like working out. So I get it done first thing in the morning so I’m awake and energized for the day. Make sure to go to bed a little bit earlier.

Ok those are a couple tips for you.

Hope these help you get closer to your goals.

I’m going back through the book for find you some more tips for you.

Darren Letourneau

P.S. My next Shakeology Challenge group is starting Oct 7. I still have a few spots left so message me on Facebook for more info.

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