4 Tips for Breaking a Fat Loss Plateau

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Just got this email from a reader last week. It isn’t really a question but something that many people go through with their workouts and diets.

“Hi Darren,
I just want you to know that I began my journey on January 1st 2013. I found your web page shortly after. I have been on a steady weight loss since but know I feel that I have stopped loosing. For the past month or so I have not lost a thing. I still have about 40 lbs to go and I am not moving on the scale. I try to stay motivated and ready your e-mails.. follow your plan but still not seeing anything. I go to the gym 6 days a week and eat clean meals. I don’t know if I am working out to much and eating to little.. Just thought I would let you know where I am today. Thank you for all your help…”

Fat Loss Plateau

How to break through a fat loss plateau

Many people encounter a fat loss plateau some time during their transformation.

I’ve had my own as well. They are quite frustrating.

You’ve been working your butt off with your workouts and watching your diet yet you seem to be stuck.

It’s true that the more fat that you have to lose the faster it’s going to come off. As you lose more fat your fat loss will become progressively slower.

Many people hit a plateau and they simply say they have hit one and they do nothing. You have to start changing things to get yourself out of a plateau.

Here are a couple things you can change to help yourself get through a fat loss plateau.

1 – Change your exercises. There are many variations for each exercise that you are doing. Try using bodyweight variations, Dumbbell variations and exercise machine variations.

You can also try using different equipment like a TRX or kettlebell. Try a new fitness class that your gym offers, go for a run or bike ride. There are many possibilities.

2 – Change your workout. I’ve seen people doing the same workout for months at a time when you should be changing up your workout every 4-6 weeks. I caught my dad doing the same routine for a full year. I have even fallen into this trap myself. You just get comfortable with your current workout and don’t even realize how long you have been doing it for. That’s what I like about Turbulence Training. A wide variety of workouts and a new one every month.

3 – Change what you are eating. Many people tend to eat the same foods all the time especially for breakfast and lunch. Change it up. Try some new fruits and vegetables. Get out of your comfort zone.

4 – Take a closer look at your calorie intake. Many times it has to do with the fact that you have been on a restricted diet for a long time.

Try going back to your maintenance level of calories for a while before dieting again. Your leptin levels may have dropped and that’s a good way to get them back up. You can also try leptiburn for this.

Hope these tips help you break out of your fat loss plateau.



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