5 Most Annoying Gym Guys.. Have you seen any of them?

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I put up a post on the facebook wall last week about the weirdest thing you’ve seen at the gym. Some of the responses were pretty funny.

Just found this funny made up video about the different gym guys. Something funny to get you motivated on Monday Morning.

5 Most Annoying Gym Guys you don’t want to be

  • The Noob
  • The Meathead
  • The Coach
  • The Face
  • The Showoff

I posted this on the facebook page last week:

“Today at the gym I saw:

– a guy working out in jeans.

– a woman on the exercise bike going her nails.

What intensity!

What funny things have you seen at the gym?”

And got some great responses.

“A woman on a treadmill reading a magazine!!!” Kim

“Guys who come to the gym looking like they’re ready to go to the club. What. The. Hell.” Aleksandra

“Guy working out in jeans…going like mad at the weights, walk outside, back to weights, back outside, change the tunes of that a group of us were listening to and tuned in to some head banging music then left the building.” Krista

“I saw a woman last week, in jeans, heels and a winter coat bench pressing.” Nicole

“I’ve seen a dude strutting around in jeans & a sleeveless tshirt. he has got to be the biggest tool I’ve ever seen. think he’s soooo. hot… BLECH!” Veronica

“Women with a full face of make up!” Rachel

“Talking on a cell phone on any machine Haahahaa” Melissa

“People who socialize at the gym and don’t even lift weights. And when they do…its like 5reps, not even and they are back to socializing or walking around aimlessly. So pointless lol.” Harjeet

“A guy wearing batman pj pants….” Isabelle

“Ladies w their push ups bra and short shorts that come to walk around….not really work out.” Sylvia

“A female personal trainer in the bathroom perfecting herself and even putting on false eye lashes to train a client…..are we there to be beauty queens or kick ass?” Aunastazia

“A guy that wears a mouth guard while weight lifting!!” Catherine

“Guy checking out his beer belly in the mirror.” Me

“I’ve seen a guy wearing pink and lavender weight gloves….nothing against it, thought it was rather silly cuz he was so huge and muscular with these pretty little gloves on.” Aunastazia

“Guy sitting weighted ab machine legs propped on machine next to him watching TV.” Lori Schmidt Burgess

“There was a lady wearing a key-ring on her pants while on the eliptical. talk about annoying..” Nina Degelman

“A couple holding hands going from machine to machine.” Christina

“Guy wearing Trophy wrestling belt!” Alison

“A guy on a exercise bike eating Skittles.” Lee Duguay

“Girls wearing HUGE earrings and trying to do kickboxing workouts. lol” Erica

To sum it up.. Looks like people go to the gym to hang out, pick up, lounge around, have a date, pretend they are a wrestler and burn off food while they are eating it…. Sounds like a fun place.

What is the funniest thing that you’ve seen people doing at the gym?

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