7 Exercises for your Shoulder Warm-up [Video Demonstration]

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Over the years I’ve seen many people working out and most of them don’t take any time to consider warming up before their workouts. This is very important to help prevent any pulls or injuries.

I’ve had many shoulder problems and it makes it hard to workout as much as I would like to.

I’m finally putting all the things I’ve learned to good use and now my shoulders are feeling much better.

This is a good warm-up for anyone that is working out with resistance training. It has 7 exercises plus variations for a couple of them. You can do these before any workout to warm-up your shoulders.

In the video below Craig Ballantyne will show you how to do his shoulder¬†warm-up. I’ve been doing before my workouts.

  1. Arm Crosses [1:25] x 15 per side
  2. Band pulls [2:05]
  3. W’s Y’s T’s on the ball [2:55]
  4. Band pulls [3:55]
  5. Stick up [4:10]
  6. Chest stretches [4:45] 20-30 seconds per side
  7. Regular pushup, elevated pushup, T pushups or pushup plus [5:40]

Each exercise 10-15 reps per side.

Complete the circuit 2 times.

7 Exercises Shoulder Warm-up Demonstration

Click the image for the video demonstration.


This video demonstration is by Craig Ballantyne creator of  Turbulence Training workouts.

Remember, these are just suggested warmup exercises. Consult your doctor if you have any shoulder problems or before starting your workout regimine.

Hope you enjoyed the video.



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