Are you eating 70 Superfoods a Day?

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For the last 3 months I’ve made a drastic change in my life.

If I look back to the way I got back in shape 2 years ago it wasn’t the healthiest way but it did the job.

But do we really just want to get the job done or be the fittest we can be for our kids, grandkids, family or just ourselves.

At the age of 35 (in a month) I’ll be in better shape than when I was 18.

My current weight matches what I was at 18. How many people can say that?


So over the past few months the changes I’ve made have been through Beachbody.

# 1 – Workout: I’ve been using their workouts Insanity and Les Mills Body Combat. My Focus T25 workout should be in the mail this week. That’s their new 25 minute cardio workout.

# 2 – Nutrition: I’ve also been drinking Shakeology daily. It contains 70+ ingredients.

In addition to containing a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients it also is good for antioxidants, energy, digestion, mood, detoxification, immunity, cravings, and complete nutrition.

# 3 – Personal development: It’s one thing to develop your body but you should also be developing your mind as well. Knowing how to stay positive, set goals, and learning how others have become successful in life is a great way to better yourself so you can become more.

Here is a quote from Jim Rohn. “If you want to have more… you have to BECOME more.” He said, “Success is not a doing process, it is a becoming process. What you do, what you pursue, will allude you—it can be like chasing butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

Watch this video to find out more about what Tony Horton (P90X) is saying about Shakeology.

Go check out Shakeology or grab a bag NOW!


If you are interested in doing the same as I have then you can sign up for one of my challenges at:

Have a great day!


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