Can You Do It?

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Can you do it?

I just got a message from one of my facebook fans.

“Hi, I’m a 55 year old female who just discovered 4 years ago, I love lifting and working out !! How far can I push myself, I don’t say NO to anything my trainer tells me to do. I know I’m not 25 But i want to be the best old lady I can be. How hard can I keep pushing and can I still improve myself physically.”

Can you do it?

Well it’s totally up to you.

You are the only one standing in your way.

Well the truth is than you can do anything you want to do.

Everyone has their own limits so it’s impossible for me to tell you what yours are.

Tell that little negative voice inside you to shut up.

If people say you can’t then that should motivate you to do it more.

I know it motivates me.

Just a few months ago I couldn’t even lift 10 lb dumbbells without my shoulder killing me.

I would go to the gym, do my first set and then have to change my workout because my shoulder was acting up.

Now.. Today I benched 75lb dumbbells and I probably could have done more.

You may think you can’t do it not even realizing how close you are to doing it.

It may be the smallest thing you are doing wrong and by changing it every thing turns around.

Attitude is part of it as well.

Just by getting up every day and telling yourself that you can do it changes everything.

Tell yourself you can do it.

You won’t do it today.

It will take time.

If you have to take baby steps.

Start small.. practice your form first so you are doing everything properly.

Then work your way up each week.

I’m here telling you that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Unless your Doctor tells you that you can’t. Then just find a way around it and you can most likely get to your goal just slower.

Get out there and do something.

You can do it.

Unless you want me to tell you that you can’t. (maybe that motivates you more).



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