Every Exercise Works Out Your Abs

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Don’t tell anyone..

I was going to the washroom this afternoon and realized that my boxers were inside out and backwards.

No wonder why I didn’t feel right all day. :)

Sometimes we get into our comfort zone and don’t even realize what we are doing.

This happens all the time with workouts too.

At the beginning we are focused on form and doing the exercises properly.

then after a couple weeks are doing everything wrong and not paying attention to the details.


Then you end up like the guy I saw at the gym today.

Every workout he was doing was working his abs.

He was doing the pec dec while crunching his abs.

He was doing tricep press downs while crunching his abs.

Excuse the language.. but if your form is that shitty you are probably lifting too much.

If you want to wear your muscles out then just drop the weight down and pound out a couple more reps at a weight you can lift properly rather the hurt yourself like this guy probably will.


If you want to get more of an abdominal workout out of your exercises then use less machines.


Keep it going..

You’re doing great.

You’ll reach your goals before you know it.



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