Top Workouts for Women

There is no one size fits all when it comes to shoes or clothes so why should workouts be any different? Do you wear men’s shoes and clothes? Then why do their workout?

There is no reason that you should settle for a guy’s workout when there are many perfectly good workouts that are tailored towards creating the figure you desire. Here are some of the women’s workouts that I have read through and checked out.

I have outlined who this workout is best for and what type of workout it is.

Visual Impact for Women Course

Best Workout for Women - Visual Impact for Women Course

Who is it for?

Visual Impact for Women is a program for women that want the slim, feminine physique. If your legs tend to bulk up and you like the way that training makes you feel but not the way it makes you look then this may be the program for you.

What is it like?

This program is a course and workout combined. Some workouts simply give you the workout without teaching you how you can adjust it to your liking. With Visual Impact for Women you can use any type of resistance like whether it’s machines at the gym, bodyweight exercises or weights.

You’ll learn now to customize and tweak the routines to get countless variations to create the perfect look for the physique you want. You can do these routines at home with an adjustable bench and adjustable set of dumbbells.

It also includes a 12 week Fat Torching Cardio program and an exercise demonstrations manual. The only bad thing I can say about the workout is that the demonstration manual has a guy demonstrating the exercises.

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Visual Impact Cardio Course

Best Workouts for Women - Visual Impact Cardio Course

Who is it for?

This is a fat loss course for people that want to lose fat using “CARDIO MACHINES”. If you don’t have access to a cardio machine then it’s still a nice course to read but you won’t reach your full potential with it.

What is it like?

It’s a training course that teaches you how to master the skill of losing body fat.. even the last 10 lbs that so many people have trouble with.
It gives you a great understanding of how fat loss works. If you are someone that has it stuck in their heat that 4 minutes of high intensity tabatas are going to get you the same calorie burn as 1 hour on a cardio machine then this course probably isn’t for you.

It includes cardio machine workouts and printable workout journal so you can keep track of your workout because you will need to.

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Turbulence Training for Women

Top Workouts for Women - Turbulence Training

Who is it for?

These Turbulence Training for women programs are for women that are looking to build strength and lose fat without the use of expensive equipment or machines.

What is it like?

Turbulence Training workouts are interval training and supersets that are designed so you can get more workout done in less time. The typical workout is 45-60 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. This includes resistance training and cardio.

The cardio workouts that Turbulence Training has are bodyweight so you won’t get any use out of a cardio machine with this program.

With this package you also get 30 days in the TT Members forum where you can get personal help from Craig on your diet and exercise program.

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Fit Yummy Mummy

Top Workouts for Women - Fit Yummy Mummy

Who is it for?

Moms that want to get rid of their baby belly. There is no reason you can’t still look sexy even though you are a mom.

What is it like?

The Fit Yummy Mummy program shows you how to balance being a busy mom with health and exercise so you can get back into the best shape of your life in the least amount of time.

There is no long boring cardio in this program, just quick 15 minute workouts that you can do at home in between taking care of your little ones. These workouts utilize supersets so you can get more workout done in less time.

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If you would like to know more about any of these programs just hit the message button on the fanpage or email me and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.