Give Away Your Body Fat to Someone That Needs It

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just give some of your body fat to someone that needed it?

If life were only that easy.

I’m sure there would be a huge demand for people trying to sell off their body fat.

Some could probably make a living burning people’s fat for them.


One of my email blog readers wrote me about trying to gain body fat. Yes not everyone wants to lose fat.

“Thanks Darren I got the report.
Congratulations on the weight loss, that’s pretty remarkable while raising a family of 3 growing boys.

My goal, however, is not weight loss, I’m actually an ectomorph and have a hard time keeping weight on. I was hoping to gain some insight on a training regime that incorporates healthy eating, strength training exercises to bulk up without costly “muscle building supplements”.

Though you reached your initial goal, healthy living is a lifelong process and I wish you all the best in your future efforts.
Keep up the good work!!”

How to gain body fat without becoming fat.

One of the main steps to burning fat is to decrease your calories so the first thing to add size would be to add calories to your diet.

Here is a tool you can use to find out how many calories to eat for your goal of gaining or losing weight.

You can even select a goal date but if you leave it blank it will give you a date that would be a safe amount of time to reach your goal.

There are also others out there so try a few to see if you get the same number.


To gain weight you should be eating more calorie dense foods like oily fish, oats, nuts, potatoes, full fat dairy products and red meat.

Drink more calories. This doesn’t mean to drink a bunch of sugary unhealthy drinks. Have a glass of milk or juice with your meals can easily add another 100 calories per meal.


To help yourself gain weight you should cut down on cardio workouts and focus on resistance training with weights. Train with a moderate weight doing 15 reps per set. Take short breaks in-between sets and get your muscles a pump. This is typically how to build muscle.

You won’t look like a bodybuilder overnight. Once you get to a size that you feel is where you want to be then switch to heavier weight with 5 or less reps per set. Don’t create a pump and this will help you to strengthen your muscles and give you that lean look keeping your size without building it up.

For a full course on building lean muscle and the shape that you want check out:

Visual Impact for Women

Visual Impact Muscle Building for Men



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