Have you been Dreaming Big?

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I’ve been relaxing for a few days since I injured my shoulder Thursday. Over time it just started to get worse from the compounding of movements I shouldn’t have been doing.

I just read this in John Maxwell’s book “15 Laws of Growth” and I thought I would share it with you.

Dream Big

“Dream Big”

If there were ever a time to dare,
To make a difference,
To embark on something worth doing,
It is now.
Not for any grand cause, necessarily—
But for something that tugs at your heart,
Something that’s your aspiration,
Something that’s your dream.
You owe it to yourself to make your days here count.
Have fun.
Dig deep.
Dream big.
Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.
There will be good days.
And there will be bad days.
There will be times when you want to turn around,
Pack it up, and call it quits.
Those times tell you that you are pushing yourself,
That you are not afraid to learn by trying.

Author Unknown.


I hear many people say that now is not the right time to start, or their stars are not aligned yet. But when is the right time?

This has happened to me as well. I like everything to be perfect and ready to go before I start something too.

The first step is starting. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. You can make adjustments along the way.

Start by writing out your “Big Dreams” and goals, make note of where you are currently at so you can track your progress along the way, and just keep chipping away at your goals day by day because they won’t happen overnight. Little changes add up to big success over time.

By making changes there will be times that you want to quit but this also tells you that you are doing something difficult that is changing you and making you grow as a person.

If you are ready to make some changes whether it is your health, fitness or you are looking for a way to help others get healthy and increase your finances I’m here to help.

Have a great week!

Darren Letourneau

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