Home Workout Revolution Review

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Home Workout Revolution is one of the Newest home workout programs on the market.

The reason that it’s becoming so popular it contains short effective workouts that you can do at home without equipment. That means no bulky equipment taking up space, no need for a gym membership and more time for you to spend with friends and family.

The Home Workout Revolution is a Turbulence Training program that is different from other home workout programs because it uses the Ultimate Fat Loss key to unlock your fat loss potential in 19, 12 or 4 minutes per workout.

Home Workout Revolution Review

I’ve been using Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training workouts for over 2 years now. During the Last month I got my copy of this New Home Workout Revolution that was released. I’ve been taking a closer look at the program as well as adding it to my current workout and it’s starting to make me wish I didn’t have a gym membership right now.

The people behind Home Workout Revolution

The home workout revolution program is a Turbulence Training program by Craig Ballantyne. His Turbulence Training programs have helped tens of thousands of people transform their bodies over the past decade. For this program he has teamed up with Certified Turbulence Trainers Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalakay.

How I Lost Weight with Turbulence Training

A few years ago I entered the 11th Turbulence Training contest and used Turbulence Training workouts at home to lose 34lbs in 12 weeks and take home 2nd place. That was proof to me that workouts can be effective using only bodyweight or minimal equipment.

Turbulence Training at home workouts results

My Results from using Turbulence Training at home workouts for 12 weeks.

The workouts that I did contained bodyweight exercises (like in this HWR program) as well as dumbbells, an exercise ball and a weight bench. Some of the most challenging exercises were the bodyweight exercises.

I simply followed the program exactly how it was laid out. I worked out on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Each workout was around 45minutes to 1 hr long. Short enough that you can get your workout done early in the morning before the kids get up or in the afternoon while they are taking their nap. I did some light activities on the off days as suggested.

I also followed the diet tips that came along with the program combining it with Eat Stop Eat.

The workouts are easy to follow and to the point. No guess work involved. Just follow them.

Home Workout Revolution Program Questions Answered

Here are some of the answers to common questions that people have about the Home Workout Revolution Turbulence Training program.

Is this program for Beginners, intermediate or advanced training?

The program is for everyone.


Craig has included a 4 week beginners workout with videos for anyone that hasn’t worked out before or hasn’t worked out in a while. You can simply go through this program doing one workout every other day to get yourself ready for the 12 week program.

Intermediate & Advanced:

If you have already been working out then you can startup by following the 12 week program.

Craig has made it easy by putting together a specific 12 week blueprint for you to follow. You don’t even have to think about it. Just print up the workout sheets and follow along.

Already have a workout program?

One of the unique aspects about the HWR program is that you can use it as a standalone program or use it to supplement your current workout. The workouts in the manual are laid out for using as your main workout program but you can use some of the shorter workouts after your current program. These workouts would act as finishers that you do after your regular workouts.

The manual outlines how to choose what workout to do based on your program or on time.

How much time do I need to do these workouts?

Most of the Home Workout Revolution workouts are either 19, 12 or 4 minutes long. Unlike other home workouts that have you working out 6-7 days a week for 1 hr per workout. These workouts will allow you to still have energy to continue on with your day.

The workout days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (Yes only 3 days a week)

Off days you are instructed to stay active. So no lounging on the couch all day playing video games. Get up, get out and do something on those Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

You can switch these days up if you want but I would recommend a rest day inbetween each workout.

Do you need any equipment?

The program is all bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere. Having an exercise mat would be beneficial but it isn’t required.

What Is Included with the Program?

Workout Manuals Include:

HWR Manual [114 Pages] – Includes beginner workouts, 20-10 workouts, bodyweight circuits and supersets workouts, bodyweight abs workouts, challenge workouts and ladder workouts. Exercises descriptions and pictures.

12 Week Workout Program Manual [46 pages] – Workouts for each of the 12 weeks in the program.

Exercise Manual [51 pages] – Exercise descriptions and pictures for the 89 exercises contained in the 12 week workout program.

4 Week Beginner Program [15 pages] – Outlines the workouts for each of the 4 weeks.

4 Minute Metabolic Miracles Manual [37 pages] – Guidelines for each of the 14 x 4 minute workouts and exercise descriptions with pictures.

6 Minute Six Packers [26 pages] – Outlines the 6 workouts as well as exercise descriptions and pictures for the exercises.

Home Revolution Diet Plan [31 pages] – This manual tells you about Craig’s daily diet, ultimate fat loss nutrition keys, secret nutrition habits, how to save money on healthy foods, how to eat while traveling and the bottom line on ultimate fat loss.

Strength Muscle Accelerator Workout Manual [17 pages] – Outlines the 3 workouts and includes exercise descriptions.

Videos Include:

Home Workout Revolution Review of this Turbulence Training Program

  • 10 X Beginner Workout Videos
  • 15 X 20-10 Workout Videos
  • 15 X Bodyweight Circuit & Superset Videos
  • 5 X Bodyweight Abs Workouts Videos
  • 5 X Challenge Workouts Videos
  • 7 X Ladder Workouts Videos
  • 3 X Strength & Muscle Accelerator Videos
  • 14 X 4 Minute Metabolic Miracles Videos
  • 6 X 6 Minute Six-Packers Videos

That is 80 Videos in total that you can download to your computer, ipod or tablet.

What are the workouts like?

Here is a sample of one of the 4 Minute Metabolic Miracle Workouts


NOTE: This is just a condensed version of the video showing the exercises. The actual video in the program is a full 4 minutes doing the workout with you.

Sample of one of the 20-10 – 12 Minute Bodyweight Home Workout


NOTE: This is just a condensed version of the video showing the exercises. The actual video in the program is a full 12 minutes doing the workout with you.


  • Fully Digital product. You can put these videos on your tablet or ipod and take them anywhere you go. There is no need for having a DVD player or having to workout inside. You can take it with you to the gym or do your workouts outside.
  • Save you time… that you could spend with your family, friends or doing other things that you love doing.
  • Save you money… no need for an expensive home gym or other equipment. You don’t even need to go to the gym either.
  • No working out in a germ infested gym. Do your workouts at home, outside or even a hotel room when you are on vacation.


  • The videos aren’t all the same. I prefer the ones with Craig Ballantyne in them doing the workouts or doing the instructing. I’m just use to watching him rather than the other two guys.
  • Videos: There were also a few times that one of the camera men were in the shot. They tried to go a little too fancy with some of the videos. I prefer the standard Turbulence Training videos that are from just one angle.
  • The workouts are kind of short which is a lot shorter then I’m use to. Sometimes I just do another round of the circuit to make the workout longer.

Read more about the Ultimate Fat Loss Key here!

Even if you aren’t interested in this program there are many eye openers I found on the page for this program such as:

  • 5 Scary Reasons to Avoid Cardio – “when you do long cardio workouts, your heart experiences a LOT of muscle damage, and over the long-term this can damage your heart.”
  • #1 Ultimate Fat Loss Key – Learn how Metabolic DENSITY Training leads to biochemical and hormonal changes that cause you to lose fat and gain lean muscle, and also improve your cardiovascular performance.
  • 3 reasons why most people drop out of their workout programs

Read more about these 3 items.

You’ve got nothing to lose. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. Give it a try for at least 30 days and if you don’t like the workouts or they aren’t giving you a good enough workout then simply send them back for a full refund. If you aren’t going to follow through and do them then they won’t work.

Check out the program here!

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