The World Has Too Many Excuses

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Whether it’s an excuse for doing something wrong.

Not following through with workout or diet.

Not winning.

Not putting in 100%.

I think I heard them all from my hockey team today…

It’s pretty sad.

After being down 2 goals my team pretty much gave up.

  • We didn’t have enough players.
  • Our goalie sucks.
  • The game means nothing.
  • Our best players aren’t here.

I think I’ve heard them all.

It’s just tiring to hear when you are giving it your all and no one else is.

I hadn’t played in over a month but I was still giving it 100%.


It is Easter today and that’s no excuse for ruining your diet either.

I’m not going to lie.. I had some chocolate and cookies.

But I had a game plan going in.

Intermittent fasting.

I’ve been using this for a couple years now and it works excellent for times that you know your diet is going to sway.

Like a party, barbeque or some fun out with your friends.

I simply fast from dinner the night before until my big dinner (party) the next day.

This pretty much cuts out breakfast, lunch and any possible snack from the night before.

It can end up being 1000 calories cut for me.

And it gives me some leeway for the dinner.

An alternative is to use it after your big dinner till dinner the next day. So you don’t get too light headed if that dinner includes drinks.


It’s not a substitute for eating healthy just a way to cut back to make up for a splurge without getting off track.

You can check it out it’s called Eat Stop Eat.

That’s what I’m using.

Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Easter.


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