What do you Value in Life?

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life, valuesWhat do you Value in Life?

I just turned 35 last week and I’ve been looking back on the changes I’ve made in my life during the past year.

I’m not the same person i used to be.

The first big change for me came when I signed up with beachbody.

I got to that point in my life, 3 kids, married, working… thinking is that it?

Have I reached all my goals in life? What’s left?

Do I just live out my life watching my kids grow up, working, watching TV.

I thought to myself. I want more.

So I signed up to beachbody as a coach and started one of their programs. I was surprised how much they focus on personal development.

I don’t’ think I had ever read a personal development book before. In fact, I hardly read at all. A few fitness books here and there and articles on the internet.

I was never really into reading.

My coach recommended some books and I started looking into ones that I saw others reading.

I picked up this book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. What and eye opener.

It’s not the newest book but still life changing.

In the last 4 months I have read at least 10 books and listened to some audio books as well.

That’s more than I read throughout high school and college.

A big change from someone that spent most of those years movie and TV watching.

This paragraph sounds like too many people:

“The only way we can ever feel happy and fulfilled in the long term is to live in accordance with our true values. If we don’t, we’re sure to experience intense pain. So often, people develop habitual patterns of behaviour that frustrate or could potentially destroy them: smoking, drinking, overeating, abusing drugs, attempting to control or dominate others, watching hour upon hour of television, and so on.”

I can definitely say I was in the overeating and watching hour upon hour of television groups.

Then he goes on to say that the real problem is that these behaviours are because of frustration, anger, and emptiness that people feel in their lives because they don’t have a sense of fulfillment. It’s just a quick way to change your state.

Powerful stuff.

The real problem here isn’t the behaviour it’s values.

I had never really written out my values before. No one ever told me to.

Most of us probably just get them from our parents.

I never really knew what was most important to me in my life.

That is the reason that I have such a hard time making important decisions. Because my values are unclear.

As I was reading this it was like he was talking directly to me.

I wrote down my values and came up with “health” as my number one value.

Some may say… well what about love, success as my #1. Well the way I see it is that health is going to keep me around longer so I can experience more love and success in the long run.

Health also helps you to be better in every other area of your life.

I know it’s hard to eat healthy and exercise all the time so choose the easiest way to stick with it. Those are keeping my workouts short and interesting, and drink Shakeology so I can get all my vitamins, nutrients and superfoods right at the beginning of my day so know I’m looking after my health.

I’ve come to the realisation that I should be focusing on my health first and not worry so much if something costs me extra because it’s healthy because there are other things I’m indulging in that I can cut back on to make up the difference.

So I’m committed to staying healthy and helping others find their way too and the fact that beachbody is here to “help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life” makes me feel like I have found the right direction in my life.

And just remember:

“We must live by our principles even when it “rains on our parade,” even if no one gives us the support we need. The only way for us to have long-term happiness is to live by our highest ideals, to consistently act in accordance with what we believe our life is truly about.” Tony Robbins [Awaken the Giant Within]


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