What is your fitness program?

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I’ve been people watching at the gym.

It’s hard not to since I’m always reading new fitness and articles all the time.

I’m always learning something new.


The weekends at the gym are getting pretty busy now.

In most cases I can tell what someone’s goal is from the workout they are doing.

It probably isn’t the same goal that they have in mind though.

I’m sure that if I asked them what their goal was I would get a different answer.


There was one lady working out this weekend.

Her goal is weight loss.

What she was doing:


Resistance training with weights.
Walking on the treadmill.


She was lifting too light.
She was doing too many reps.
Her reps were too fast.
She was using exercises like tricep kickbacks and bicep curls.
Jumping from one exercise to the next not knowing what was coming next.

She should have been:

Lifting a weight that is at least somewhat challenging.
Reps between 8-10 range.
Lift the weight at a normal pace.. It’s not a race.
Try exercises like pulldowns, cable rows, bench press, bodyweight squats, lunges. Using compound exercises that work more then one body part at a time are better for losing weight.
Have a plan or plan to fail.

Hope this helps you realize that you need a plan.

It makes the journey to your goals a lot shorter.

What workout plan or diet are you using?

Reply to this email and let me know.



P.S. If you are winging it give one of these a try.

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