Would you pay 500 calories for this?

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I was watching an episode of Big Brother Canada the other day..

Yes Canada finally has their own Big Brother show.

They were having a power of veto competition.

The contestants get points for taking punishments.

Some of these punishments were

  • cutting off the clothes they were wearing.
  • eating slop for a week.
  • getting a big brother haircut (which was a mohawk)
  • wearing a prison suit with ball and chain for a week.

I’m not really shocked that people will do for a competition in a game that’s for 100k.


I am however shocked what people will do in the competition of their life.

Every day I see people giving in to offers of free:

  • donuts
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • specialty coffees
  • ice cream
  • chocolate bars
  • [insert favourite snack food here] …

the list goes on.

Would you eat this for + 500 calories?

or to be 500 further away from your goals?

Just because people are offering to buy it for you or someone brought it in for everyone at work doesn’t mean it’s free.

You’ll be paying for it more then you know it.

These smaller punishments are simply taking away from the bigger picture which are your goals.

It’s ok to say NO…

People will understand.

And if they don’t then they are probably just jealous.

That you have the will power that they wish they had.

But if they offer something (exercise) that gets you closer to your goals then take it.

Have a great weekend!



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